Fill gaps. These are the verbs: howl chirp squeak gobble whine miaow growl bark purr quack buzz tweet snort twitter cluck hiss buzz neigh roar trumpet whinnie crow hoot
1. Snakes so just one snake
2. A mouse and many mice
3. A hen and a duck A turkey
4. A hungry cat and a happy cat
5. A bee , and mosquitoes also . And you can tell someone to ! 2 words (go away!)
6. A horse or loudly. And it through its nose when running free.
7. A lion . And a person might do it if he or she is very angry with someone.
8. An owl ; An idiom is I don't give a ! meaning II couldn't care less!.
9. An elephant that wants to be heard .
10. A cock and people may if very proud of themselves.
11. A dog that wants to be heard , but if it can't get out of a room it . If angry, it
12. A small bird and when sitting on a branch it may . Many birds together in trees
14. A wolf , and you will, too, if you drop a hammer on your foot!