Move each phrase on the right to the one on the left which seems most suitable.
He's got no earth remover, so he'll just have to clear the rubble away with
Mary and Tom work closely together. They're
The Devil makes work for
He's like a Scrooge. He will never help financially unless you grease
She'll do anything for John! He just has to snap
He can do anything he likes with Paula, because she's like putty in
He is expert at finding his way in London. he knows London like the back of
John's very lazy! He didn't try to help at all! He didn't lift
They say if you have a warm heart you probably have
That entrepreneur is everywhere! He seems to have
his bare hands.
hand in glove
idle hands.
his palm.
his fingers.
his hands.
his hand.
a finger
cold hands.
a finger in every pie.