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A five-year-old girl selling lemonade to revellers heading to a in east London had her stand down by council officers who slapped her and her father with a £150 .

Andre Spicer said his daughter burst into and told him “I’ve done a very bad thing” after enforcement officers read out a lengthy legal letter before issuing the notice.

The five-year-old and Mr Spicer, a professor at City University, were given the fine for "trading a permit" after they set the stall near their home in Mile End.

After it was by the Evening Standard, Tower Hamlets Council promised to cancel the fine and said it would the family to .

A spokesman for the council said it expected its enforcement officers "to show common " when using their powers.

Furious Mr Spicer branded the enforcements officers' decision an “over-zealous way of applying the rules,” after the pair set out to refresh festival goers heading to Lovebox in Victoria Park on Saturday.

He said: “It’s not like she was trying to make a massive ! This is just a five-year-old trying to sell lemonade.